How To Apply Third Party Themes MIUI 9.5

How To Apply Third Party Themes MIUI 9.5 without Root

How To Apply Third Party Themes MIUI 9.5 Without Root

3rd party theme

Problem Fix

1.Xiaomi Redmi Mobile Apply Third Party Themes.

2.Install Third Party Themes for MIUI.

5.Apply Third Party Themes Without Root.

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How to Apply 3rd Party (MIUI) Theme on Xiaomi Device

#Step 1

Once you've downloaded the MIUI (.mtz) extension theme on your computer, use a standard USB cable on your device's storage or SD card.

#Step 2

Go to the App Drawer on your Device and open Theme Apps.

#Step 3

Under the Themes tab, you have to select offline.

#Step 4

Here you will see a list of your Offline Themes that are Re-installed in your (Xiaomi) Device.

#Step 5

Scroll down and import 3rd party MIUI (.mtz) Theme.

#Step 6

Now, Access the Appropriate folder, and tap the MIUI (.mtz) Theme file that you Saved in the Device Storage.

#Step 7

MIUI (.mtz) Theme will be installed and it will Appear with other Offline Themes.

#Step 8

Select MIUI Theme and Click Apply.

That's it! New themes will be automatically applied to your device.

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